4 thoughts on “Once Rivers Islands, Bermuda, Now A Resort Project

  1. I want to know more about the resort you mention. From all I could find, Rivers’ Islands, or Brothers’ Islands as shown on one old map I saw, were connected to the “mainland” to form a military/seaplane base during WWII, and then was closed and apparently abandoned. Incidentally, a “Rivers Strait” was shown on another old map between the mainland and the Brothers’ island when the water flowed through there. I have been considering a trip to Bermuda to see if I could find any more records, but saw no hotels or resorts listed in the area occupied by the former military base. Do you have any other information on this resort?

    • Hi, Scott. Thanks for your comment! Around three or four years ago I read about a resort being built on Morgan’s Point, in Bermuda, where the old naval base sat for many decades, built on the Great Sound, where the Rivers Family settled in the 1600s. A few years later I read that the resort was being developed as a Ritz-Carlton resort. I found this architectural firm’s site describing the development just a few minutes ago: http://www.sb-architects.com/project/morgans-point-resort/. I know that there are plenty of AirBNBs to stay at on Bermuda, but I don’t know if Morgan’s Point is available yet. You are correct about the way the penninsula was developed by connecting the Brothers Islands/Rivers Island and about the naval base. I’d love to go on a genealogy research trip there as well someday! I don’t know how much you’ll be able to find there but I hope there is lots to find. Bermuda’s role in the development of America is pretty fascinating.

      • The islands were given to my family in gratitude for the Rivers brothers bringing famine relief provisions from the Carolinas.

      • Very interesting! I hadn’t heard that part of the story before. Do you have a good source for that story that I can look at? I’d love to read more about it.

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