Jay’s childhood was spent wandering old cemeteries and historic sites, rocky beaches, harbors, and the woods of the area where he grew up in New England, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. He longed to learn more about the history of his family, hoping to hear stories about Revolutionary War and Civil War heroes, World War I, II, Korea, and Vietnam heroes.

Jay spent a lot of time designing characters and worlds for Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games, many of which never came into actual play.

When he wasn’t reading or working on those things he was writing or coding on his Apple IIc computer. When he wasn’t doing that he was making mix tapes and listening to all the great

JPR Ancestry

November 2011, Serpent’s Mound, Chillicothe, Ohio

music of the 70s and 80s.

After moving to central Virginia with his mother just before high school, Jay became more interested in pursuing his dedication to music, playing guitar and drums four, five, ten hours a day. He went to music school for a year in Hollywood, immediately following graduation, attended a little community college, and worked in a record store in the mall.

Enrolling in classes at The Ohio State University, after moving to Ohio, Jay began to pursue a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Anthropology. As life would have it, though, he still hasn’t made it to Graduate School and would like to do so. His interest in Genealogy and researching his family history is even stronger now than ever, and he is now working on publishing the results of his years of research in online form. It is his goal to publish websites for each of the major surnames in his family tree, or to submit his own research to any outstanding existing websites for his surnames. And, hopefully, he can soon pursue, once again, a graduate degree in a related discipline.

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