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After years of slow computer problems and a filled up C drive, thanks to my lack of proficiency in windows 10, I finally was able to upgrade the RAM in my computer and clear up the C drive enough to get it going once again. So I am back at it!

Today I pulled out my genealogy books about James Island, Bermuda, Lake City, and Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina. I decided I would take a look at the family of Constant Henry Rivers, who is buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

Screenshot taken From Find A Grave Memorial for LTC Constant H. Rivers (50477265), SandyK
Screenshot taken from Find A Grave memorial for Mary Elizabeth Minott Rivers

Constant H Rivers and his wife Mary Elizabeth (Minott) Rivers lived in the area famous for the location of the Battle of Secessionville, one of the first decisive battles of the Civil War. Before being renamed Secessionville the area was known as Riversville, a community of homes started by Constant and his family.

Riversville Historical Marker
Uncle John Rivers, James Island, South Carolina, on the spot where Riversville once stood, later renamed Secessionville, Fall 2017
Screenshot taken from Find A Grave memorial for LTC Constant H. Rivers (50477265), SandyK

Expect more to come on Lieutenant Colonel Constant H. Rivers, Mary Elizabeth (Minott) Rivers, and their family.

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  1. Do you know who was the father of Gracia Rivers born 1760 in Charleston, SC? My grandfather’s name is Warren Rivers born 1939 in Manhattan. His father William Rivers was born 1914 in Natchitoches, Louisiana. His grandfather Emile Rivers was born around 1834 in Natchitoches Louisiana to a Doctor William Miles Rivers born about 1790’s and Victorine Cortez (Free Women of Color). Recently I traced his great grandfather William Miles Rivers back to Charleston, SC as the son of Gracia and Mary G Rivers (her maiden name unknown). Apparently Gracia Rivers owned a great deal of land on James Island along with the other Rivers. I just can’t place his father. Gracia Rivers died 1803 and had two other known sons Gracia M Rivers and Josiah J Rivers. Would greatly appreciate your help if you know anything! My email is

    • Hello Jahrod! I do not know the name Gracia Rivers off the top of my head, which is strange since James Island is not a very large geographic area. You mentioned that he owned a lot of land on the island? How did you come this conclusion? Do you have a source for that? You seem to have other information about him too, and if you could share your source it might help me to help you. Josiah is a common name in the Rivers family as are William & Miles. Gracia is a little less familiar-sounding. I’d love to help you if I can.

      • I found this documentation from 1802


        Gracia Rivers & wife The State of South Carolina
        To Know all Men by these presents that
        Winborn Lawton we Gracia Rivers & Mary Rivers of the City
        Release and Mr Rivers of Charleston in the State aforesaid in
        Renunciation of Dower consideration of Six hundred and fifty
        & Plat eight pounds Sterling money to us paid by
        Winborn Lawton of the State aforesaid Gentleman have granted bargain
        =ed sold and released & by these presents do grant bargain sell and
        release unto the said Winborn Lawton All that plantation or tract
        of Land situate lying and being on James Island, in the parish of
        Saint Andrew, containing ninety five acres and three quarters of an
        acre more or less butting & bounding on [?] Hearne said Gracia
        Rivers & Winborn Lawton’s land & which hath such shape form &
        marks as are described and delineated by a plat thereof hereunto
        annexed. Together with all & singular the rights, members heredita=
        =ments and appurtenances to the said premises belonging or in any
        wise incident or appertaining To have and to hold all and
        singular the premises before mentioned unto the said Winborn Lawton
        his heirs and assigns for ever And I the said Gracia Rivers do

        hereby bind myself my heirs executors administrators to warrant and
        for ever defend all & singular the said premises unto the said Winborn
        Lawton his heirs & assigns against myself my heirs and against every
        person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any
        part thereof. Witness our hands & seals the twenty sixth day of
        February in the year of our Lord one thousand eighteen hundred and
        two & in the twenty sixth year of the Independence of the United States
        of America. Gracia Rivers Mary Rivers Sealed and delivered
        in the presence of [?] Findley Charles [?]. State of South Carolina
        Charleston District [?] Charles [?] one of the Justices of the Quorum
        do hereby certify unto all whom it may concern that Mary Rivers the wife
        of the within named Gracia Rivers did this day appear before me and
        upon being privately & separately examined by me did declare that
        she does fully & voluntarily & without any compulsion dread or fear of
        any person or persons whomsoever, [?] release and for ever relinquish
        unto the within named Winborn Lawton his heirs and assigns all her
        interest & estate, and also all her right & claim of Dower, of in & to all
        & singular the premises within mentioned & released. Given under my
        hand & seal this twenty sixth day of February Anno Domini one
        thousand eighteen hundred & two. Mary Rivers Charles [?]
        State of South Carolina. Personally appeared Mr Charles [?]
        who being duly sworn made oath that he was present and saw Gracia
        Rivers & Mary Rivers [?] sign seal and as their respective
        act & deed deliver the within Instrument of writing to & for the uses &
        purposes therein set forth & that the Deponent with [?] Findley
        signed their names as witnesses & hereto Sworn to the 27th day of
        February 1802 before Stephen Ravenel Recorded the 27th day
        of February 1802 & [?] by Stephen Ravenel Register

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